Services & Rentals

Miscellaneous Services & Rentals

Plastic Table Cover (White Only)

  •  54 x 108 $2.50 per Table
  •  84 x 84 $3.50 per Table

Option to provide your own table covers is available:
If you choose to provide your own linen table covering, there is a $0.50 per table fee for Lynde’s staff to cover tables. If you provide a plastic roll, there is no fee added. Lynde’s staff does not remove table covers that the customer provides. If you choose to rent linens, you are responsible to return the linens to Lynde’s Restaurant & Catering by closing time the following day. We will remove linen napkins.

Paper / Plastic Supply Package

$0.50 per Person
Available in white only (Includes all 5 items listed below) 

  • 8 oz. Styrofoam Coffee Cup
  • 8 oz. Plastic Punch Cup
  • Paper Dinner Napkin
  • 6″ Plastic Cake Plate
  • Plastic Dessert Fork


Plastic Hors d’ Oeuvre Plate

$0.25 per Person
6″ Plate with Toothpicks 

Plastic 9″ Dinner Plate w/ Plastic Knife & Fork

$0.50 per Person
Available for menus that do not include china / stainless steel 

China Dinner Plate w/ Stainless Steel Knife & Fork

$1.00 per Person
Available for menus that do not include china / stainless steel 

China Dessert / Salad Plate

$0.95 per Person
7.5″ Clear Plate 

China Bread Plate

$0.75 per Person
6″ White Plate 

China Hors d’Ouevre Plate

$0.75 per Person
7.5 ” Clear Plate 

China Coffee Cup

$0.75 per Person

Champagne Flute

$0.75 per Person
6 oz. Clear Glass 

Wine Goblet

$0.75 per Person
10 oz. Clear Glass

Water Carafe

$3.00 per Carafe
Clear Glass 

Prices listed above do not include tax, gratuity or delivery fee of rental company. Rental delivery fee will vary according to location. All prices and options are subject to change and may vary according to location. 

Any rental items purchased through Lynde’s Catering will be handled by Lynde’s staff. Lynde’s staff will set – up all rental items and is responsible to remove all items from facility when serving of event has been completed. Lynde’s Catering must be guaranteed for pre – arrangements to be coordinated with client and event facility for rental items to be delivered and picked up. Rental items will be delivered 1 – 2  business days prior to event and picked up 1 – 2 business days after event. Lynde’s must be guaranteed that somebody will be at the facility for delivery and pick – up, the rental company delivers between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. Someone at the facility must be notified of the equipment coming in so equipment does not get removed or misplaced. There will be a charge to the client for any rental items or Lynde’s Catering equipment that is damaged or lost by anyone outside of Lynde’s staff or rental staff.

Optional: Client can make their own arrangements for rental items. If client chooses to do so, they are responsible to handle all delivery and pick – up arrangements. Client is also responsible to set – up, take down and clean all rental items. Lynde’s staff can set – up items that are rented by the client for an extra service fee. If client arranges for Lynde’s staff to do so, rental items must be to the facility by our set – up time.