About Lynde's

Chuck and Jan Lynde, along with their son Mark, opened Lynde’s Restaurant in 1981. They started off small with the intent to grow. In 1995, Chuck and Jan sold their shares to Mark. Wanting to uphold the high standards, he made sure to keep them on staff.

Mark and Cathy now own Lynde’s Restaurant & Catering (Osseo) and Lynde Enterprises – snowplowing and lawn care (based out of Osseo). When it comes to the restaurant, one key to the Lynde’s success is good, home cooked meals. Lynde’s caters approximately 1,200 events per year and feeds approximately 600 people on a busy Sunday morning at the restaurant. They believe keeping the customers happy will bring them back. Another key to Lynde’s success is their loyal staff.

Larry, the head chef, has been with Lynde's since 1995. He cooks for the restaurant daily, as well as prepares all meals for each catering event. Cathy Lynde leads each catering event from start to finish. Sandra Roth handles all our meeting room events. The rest of their staff has been with Lynde's for many years. They are a professional hard working team.